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Roadtax.com.my is managed by Hock Yong Enterprise & Sunway Risk Management. We are established since 1994. As a trustworthy insurance agent, we provide full range of general insurance for factory, shop, houses and machinery such as fire, Contractor All Risk (CAR), Foreign Worker Insurance Guarantee (IG), Foreign Worker Compensation Scheme (FWCS), Foreign Worker Hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance Scheme (SKHPPA) etc, roadtax renewal. Our reputation is for delivering only the highest quality services and products not only before sales but after sales support.

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What is NCD?

NCD, short for No Claim Discount, is a discount given to the policyholders upon renewal of their motor insurance if no claim is made or arises from the policy for a continuous coverage of 12 months. The discount given is based on a fixed rate provided by Persatuan Insurans Am Malaysia (PIAM) Motor Tariff.

Will I have NCD if this is the first time I purchase a vehicle?

If you are buying a vehicle for the first time, you will not have NCD on your motor policy for the first year on the road. If you have at least one claims free year, then, upon renewal of your motor insurance policy, you will be rewarded with a 25% NCD off your renewal premium.

Can I transfer my NCD from one vehicle to another?

Yes you can. This typically happens when you have sold your old vehicle and want to transfer your NCD to the vehicle you are purchasing. If you do not transfer your NCD to another vehicle, your NCD entitlement level will drop one level each year. For example, if your NCD entitlement is 55% this year, it will drop to 45% next year, if it is not transferred to another vehicle. This will continue until the NCD level reaches 0%.

How will my NCD be forfeited?

If any claim is made or arises (with exception to windscreen and No-fault Own Damage claim) on your motor insurance policy during the period of cover, your NCD for that vehicle will be forfeited and reverts to 0%. You will have to begin to accumulate your discount in a new cycle.

What is excess?

Excess refers to the amount that you are responsible to pay as per the policy terms & conditions in respect of each and every claim payable (including cost and expenditure incurred by the insurance company to conduct, defence and settlement of any claim for the loss or damage to your vehicle, and damage to third party property resulted from the accident arising out of the use of your vehicle for liability to third parties), in addition to any other excess that may be applicable. For example, the excess of your policy is RM200 and the total claim amount is RM1,500. Your insurer will only pay out RM1,300 for the claim while you have to pay the remaining RM200.

Under what circumstances will the Compulsary Excess(2f Endorsement) apply?

For Private Car Motor Policy, you are responsible for a compulsory excess of RM400.00 for each and every claim, in addition to the excess stated in the Schedule (if any) if your vehicle is being driven by the following persons authorised by you:
a. Any authorised person not named in the Schedule
b. Any authorised person under the age of 21 years
c. Any authorised person who is the holder of driving licence of less than 2 years experience
d. Any person named in the policy Schedule who is less than the age of 21 years and/or the holder of a provisional (L) driving licence and/or the holder of a Full Driving licence of less than 2 years

Why is betterment applied to my claim when in actual fact, I am entitled for full compensation? What is betterment?

Betterment is a scale (%) imposed to the vehicle aged above 5 years when new franchise parts are used during an accident repair that was paid by the insurance company. The insured will have to bear for the betterment charges because his/her vehicle’s old damaged parts were replaced with new franchise parts since the motor insurance policy only indemnifies the insured’s vehicle in the condition just before the accident. The application of betterment is at the discretion of the respective insurance companies based on the Scale of Betterment approved by Bank Negara Malaysia.

At what value should I insure my vehicle?

You need to insure your vehicle based on the market value of your vehicle at the time of renewal / commencement of your motor policy. This value is also called the Sum Insured of your vehicle in your motor policy.

My insurer told me that my claim would be paid based on the average clause because my car was under insured, even though I have a comprehensive motor policy. What is average clause? Why no one advised me when I insured my car? Is it the responsibility of the insurer?

Average Clause will be applied whenever your vehicle is under insured (insured for a sum less than its market value) at the time of any loss or damage. You shall bear the difference and the rateable proportion of the loss when the market value of your vehicle at the time of loss exceeds the insured value by 10%. It is the responsibility of Insured himself to find out the actual and current value of the vehicle before insuring the vehicle. The Insured may request the agent or a particular underwriter to assist or advise them on market valuation.

My car met with an accident. What type of claim should I make?

The type of claim you can make depends on the coverage of your motor policy. You can make an Own Damage claim for the damages to your vehicle only if your policy is a comprehensive coverage. Your NCD will be forfeited in the process. Third party coverage does not cover the damages to your vehicle. It will only be limited to the legal liability to third parties involving death, bodily injury and/or loss or damage to property. However, if the accident is not your fault, you can make a Third Party claim against insurer of the other party’s vehicle. For comprehensive policy, you can also make a No Fault Own Damage claim directly with your insurer where your NCD will not be forfeited (see No-Fault Own Damage Claim).

How do I make an Own Damage claim?

Please contact with us at 019-2405325

I was surrounded by several tow truck operators at the accident scene offering to tow my damaged car. Who should I choose? Where should I tow my car?

You have the rights to choose any tow truck operators of your choice but please ensure it is one of panel workshop in order to avoid any inconveniences when making your insurance claim.  Your car will be towed to nearest the Police Station first in order for you to make a police report where photographs of your damage vehicle will be taken and finally, towed to the workshop for repairs.

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